New Entity

Draft 1.0:

Sections: Status -> Approved

Installation - Install a New Entity™

1.) cleanValue - I/O value formatting

2.) createOrigin - Define Origin locations and base environment variables

3.) entityMap - Define Maps to discoverable metaclass objects.

4.) interactionsXY - XY Interaction building blocks

5.) newentity - Optimized Response Code

6.) presentEntity - Define Entity display definitions

7.) tempoCommunicate - Time logic-engine and server communication decider

8.) windowView - Define View logic and add enhanced visual features

9.) index - Default Starting Page

10.) sitemap - Default Base Page

11.) /textpage/plain Default Base Page

Extensions: Extend your New Entity™


Purpose: Extend the visual and functional capabilities of your New Entity™

Additional Usage: Link your instance into a middle-layer to set up Frontend-to-Backend sequences or enforce system function depending on visitor inputs.

A New Entity™ was built to be used with the following official extensions:

CORE.HOST - Use the instance on a CORE.HOST™ endpoint, direct it anywhere.

EntityScript™ - Use EntityScript to build complex middle layers to backend resources already in existence. If none exist, create your own.

Official Theme Extensions:

New Entity: Creative Light Standard - Example 1

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